"I haven't experienced anything like Jam on Top since the 60's.  The vibes here bring all those times  back  to me."

- Phil Henderson   (aged rocker)

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Why choose Jam on Top?

  • 4  fully equipped spacious rehearsal studios using industry standard equipment

  • Digital recording studio

  • Free WiFi

  • Great location 

  • Fabulous knowledgeable staff

  • Great rates & offers

  • Ample street parking & easy building access

  • Disabled access

  • Storage facilities

  • Kitchen facilities

  • Pre-production/gig/event space

  • Snacks, Hot & cold drinks, sticks & strings available to buy

  • Jam lounge

  • Natural light

  • Home of the red settee

  • Relaxed Atmosphere

Opening video filmed at Jam on Top 2011             featuring singer songwriter         

Keighley - West Yorkshire

Trying to find a reliable place to rehearse when you have a band can be a demoralising affair.

Dingy rat infested cellars, grotty rooms above dubious establishments, crooked landlords with extortionate fees.

Eight bands sharing the same five by five feet room, dilapidated mills whose ceilings crumble when you turn up past 5, business units with no heating so you have to shred in finger-less gloves and all gather round the tubes in the amps just to keep warm.

Who can forget the inconvenience of being kicked out at a moment’s notice because you are just ‘too loud’ and it’s annoying Trevor two doors down who has no telly and is deaf anyway but he’s gonna write to his MP about all this racket?

All this seemed to be part and parcel of the rock and roll lifestyle.


imagine a rehearsal space where there were actually windows and radiators, toilets (real toilets!), hot drinks, and a chill out area with comfy sofas. Imagine if there was storage space and equipment you could use if yours was in the shop.

Imagine if it was also a recording studio and they sold spare strings and drum sticks.

Imagine if the owners actually cared and knew about local music and local bands, and actively encouraged young musicians and groups. Imagine a rehearsal space that put itself at the heart of the local music scene and fostered a sense of community between bands and singers of all styles that made you feel welcome and a part of something special!

Where is this musical Nirvana you may ask – where is this creative Elysium? Where is this riff-laden Valhalla? Is it just some crazy notion from a naïve and idealistic mind? – just a hopeful idea from some wide-eyed rock n roll dreamer?

No! It’s in Keighley and it’s called Jam on Top!

We’ve been rehearsing there now for nearly ten years and we still can’t believe our luck!

Simon / Arkham Witch

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